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 A main focus of TROPICA VERDE’s public awareness activities is the presentation of the association and its goals in Germany through lectures, exhibits, and information desks. However, the planning and implementation of academic educational measures are also a part of TROPICA VERDE’s program.

In the beginning, TROPICA VERDE’s activities were restricted to the Rhine-Main-area. As TROPICA VERDE has grown over time, it has become active nationwide to promote the protection of tropical habitats.                                                                          


In addition to events which are hosted by long-term partners and are supported yearly by TROPICA VERDE, new activities arise constantly - which are always carried out by the members on a voluntary basis and with a lot of dedication. These activities are so numerous that one can only briefly summarize the most recent events here:

Traditionally, TROPICA VERDE is present with an information desk at the Roses and Light Festival in the Frankfurt Palmengarten, at the Raritäten-Gärtnerei May in Kriftel, and at the Apple Market in Kronberg.

The Weitsichtfestival in Frankfurt and Darmstadt provided an interesting platform for TROPICA VERDE´s informations table in the last few years.

The social program of the information desk always includes special activities for young visitors. For example, TROPICA VERDE welcomed the invitation to take part in the Children’s Party at the Zoo in Frankfurt.

A series of lectures in the Rhine-Main-Region, at the University of Würzburg, at the Zoo in Duisburg, and in the Niederrheinpark Plantaria informed a large audience about TROPICA VERDE’s activities.

The TROPICA VERDE-Exhibition has been on tour, for example, to the botanical gardens of Munich and Ulm.

In cooperation with the Green School of the Palmengarten, TROPICA VERDE carried out accredited advanced training courses for teachers on the topic “tropical rain forest”.

TROPICA VERDE at the `Garden´

At the start of the growth season, the sales exhibition “Garden” at the Palmengarten provides interesting facts on the topic of garden culture. TROPICA VERDE also offered information, within the framework of a joint exhibition by members of the network for biodiversity, BioFrankfurt, on the topic of biodiversity in the different regions of the world.


At the Garden 2007 and 2008, the main focus of TROPICA VERDE’s informational tour was on the importance of gardens for the economic and social development of the indigenous population of the region of Talamanca in Costa Rica.

The exhibition, which was conceived by TROPICA VERDE’s member Ute Warnke, vividly informed about the scientific findings of her research. In addition, numerous interested visitors could marvel at the variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, and spice plants on exhibit at TROPICA VERDE’s information desk. Of particular interest was the tasting of peeled and crushed cocoa beans.

The exhibition of BioFrankfurt within the Garden 2010 focuses on the impacts of climate change on biodiversity.

We are glad that participating at the Garden allows us to inform a lot of interested Palmengarten visitors about TROPICA VERDE’s activities and to gather support for our efforts.

Environmental Education Project Sustainable Tourism

A concept for sustainable tourism begins with the training of future multipliers and decision-makers in the country of origin of the vacationers. This is the reason why TROPICA VERDE designed a teaching unit “Sustainable Tourism in Emerging and Developing Countries - Impact on Nature and Environment”. In addition, and with support from the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and funds from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), TROPICA VERDE initiated the realization of this lecture series at a vocational school in the tourist sector in Frankfurt.

Subsequent to the successful pilot phase in the year 2003/04, the lecture series was distributed to a nationwide network of vocational schools in the tourist industry. Thus, TROPICA VERDE contributes to the idea that vocational schools will, in the long-term, intensify instruction in the subject of “Sustainable Tourism”. Raising the awareness of teachers and pupils, especially in the nationwide network of vocational schools, is meant to support the development of a sustainable tourism industry.

The intention of the environmental education unit is to make vocational school students more sensitive to the topic of “Sustainable Tourism”. The up and coming travel agents should become aware that with their work they can also contribute towards nature conservation and create opportunities through their own actions for this purpose.

The lecture unit for vocational schools of the travel industry: “Sustainable Tourism in Emerging and Developing Countries – Impact on Nature and Environment” can be downloaded here: download pdf

TROPICA VERDE e.V.’s Commitment:             Sustainable Project Tourism in Costa Rica

“Ecotourism”-Projects that are being supported in Costa Rica by TROPICA VERDE can be seen here 

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