Costa Rica – Only „Pura Vida“?

In Central America, Costa Rica is considered a showcase democracy. The abolishment of the military in the year 1948 earned it the name “Central America’s Switzerland”. In addition, the multifaceted areas of unspoiled nature made Costa Rica a popular travel destination: tropical rain forests and active volcanoes as well as wonderful beaches attract more and more tourists every year. One relishes the proverbial local saying “pura vida”.

Today, Costa Rica is considered a nation with a special ecological awareness. But, as recently as the 1980s, it was still a nation with one of the highest logging rates worldwide. The consequences for nature of this ruthless exploitation became increasingly felt. Although about 30% of the country’s territory has been protected in some form or another, much still needs to be done. The installation of monocultures for banana, coffee, and pineapple still presents a major problem. The destruction of primary or near-natural ecosystems is constantly progressing, also to the detriment of the local population.

The relatively stable political climate and legal framework as well as the widely spread awareness for the country’s ecological riches make it possible for TROPICA VERDE to commit itself to the conservation of tropical habitats to the benefit of humans and nature, in cooperation with local environmental groups.

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